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Who is David Schirmer?

Most know me as the ‘car-park-guy’ or the ‘cheques-in-the-mail-guy’ on the world phenomena The Secret DVD and co-contributor to The Secret book. I am also know as one of the leading cycle analysts in the world on stocks, commodities and currencies.

My other passions are studying the bible, the mind and our results! I am gifted with the ability to assimilate large amounts of complex information, understand it and then share it in a way people understand it easily.

Personal Interest

helping others succeed in life
abundance and prosperity
how the mind works
business & success

3 Streams of My Business

The Secret

Learn the Secret To Wealth

Trading Edge

Trading Edge is a global leader in wealth education focusing on the stock, FOREX and commodity markets, educating over 120,000 people around the world.


Creating Abundance Worldwide

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